Function Hire


private functions hire

whatever you need a space for, we can accommodate you at BLISS.

Well, for nearly anything.

Got a birthday coming up? You deserve to celebrate it somewhere really awesome. Somewhere that can offer you a ton of options for hosting it. Maybe even cook up something tasty to serve at it. Yeah, it’s us. Good guess.

Let us know you’re coming here for your birthday and we’ll see about arranging free entry for you and your group and a free bottle of champagne. Sweet, right? We’ve got exclusive booth areas too for that intimate feel. Get in touch with us, and we’ll make it happen for your special night.

If you’re looking to host something a bit bigger, then maybe you’d like to consider booking one of our function rooms? What’s the cost? Nothing. That’s right – you get to use one of our function rooms and you don’t have to pay a penny. We can provide catering for your events too – there’s a kitchen on the premises and we do some dead tasty food. Whether it’s a finger-food buffet you need or a sit-down three course meal, we can accommodate your needs. Have a swatch at the rooms here. Here’s what we have:


that VIP feel

For a group of around 30 people, our VIP room is just right. The clue’s in the name too – it’s a really nice room, and comes with a private waitress service for that VIP treatment.

party at the balcony bar

If you’re a larger firm and your group is a little bit bigger than that (say, around 120 people) then you might be interested in booking our balcony bar. It’s a nice large space and you get the best view in the place over the balcony. Want a DJ with that bar? Book a night in and you can get a DJ for reduced fees.

and if you’re in the mood for something bigger…

If you’re really popular and need an event space capable of holding around 120 plus people, then our main hall’s ready and waiting. Available to be booked 7 days a week, from 2pm till early hours. Except for Friday and Saturday – availability ends at 11PM on those days, so the public can get their party on. Otherwise, if you require a venue for dance school or kids’ classes or anything like that, then shoot us an email or give us a call at: | 0141 776 0988

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